Tetra Tech's mission is to build a global company that provides life-saving biodefense products and services.

Our goal is to assist businesses in multiple areas of industry & service that are needing disinfectant and a protectant that meets or supersedes today's health & safety requirements. Our BioShield protectant utilizing electrostatic spray technology adhere's 360 degrees to any surface. Providing up to 90 days of certified protectant.

Tetra Tech's Zylast product line is a revolution in hand hygiene. Offering rapid, broad-spectrum kill of germs and persistence, Zylast has been tested in hospitals, nursing homes, and schools. With water-based and non-flammable options, Zylast is the perfect choice for any setting! The patented technology in Zylast was called a 'breakthrough innovation' by experts from the CDC, White House, USAID, and Pentagon in winning a prestigious award.

Zylast family of products was voted the 9 best hand soaps of 2021 

BioShield75 envirosystems patented technology for the elimination of harmful surface bacteria for up to 90 days!

Technology Built For Today

Industries we service

Our headquarters are in Indianapolis, Indiana and we provide essential products and services to the entire state of Indiana.

  • Banks

  • Churches

  • Restaurants

  • Warehouses

  • Universities

  • Distribution Centers

  • Government Buildings

  • Grocery Stores

  • Medical Facilities

  • Small Businesses