Personal Protective Gear

Face Shield Masks including FDA approved items. These products include shields that cover the entire face from the “hairline” to below the chin.


These shield masks have been approved by the FDA and used for years by the Medical Sector.

Persistent personal disinfectant

Zylast, a broad spectrum antimicrobial antiseptic.

Fast acting, persistent.

Kills 99.99% of Germs.


Distribution and Warehousing

We specialize in De-identification, Decal installation, Pick-up and Delivery, and warehousing.

Our 60,000 square foot warehouse provides the space needed for our 3PL partnership with the National Transportation Center..

Leadership Training

Our programs support men and women from all backgrounds to help them find their place in the transportation industry. 

We are passionate about growing leaders, we believe that when the leader gets better, everyone gets better.