Nouvex Antimicrobial

Nouvex™ creates no chemical binding or linking issues, unlike other quaternary ammonium compounds, and has a large molecular structure providing limited toxicity. Tunable physical properties allow formulas to be tweaked for efficacy and biocompatibility. It can also be soluble or non-soluble in water or solvents, which allows for a great variety of product applications.

How it Works

Nouvex™ is shown to eradicate an established biofilm.


“Biofilm forms on most untreated surfaces in moist environments and contributes to degradation, staining, and odors in a multitude of situations,” said Thomas E. Hopkins, Poly Group Chief Scientific Officer. “Biofilms are of particular concern due to the difficulty in gaining access to the bacteria present in order to eradicate.


Nouvex represents a new approach to solving problems of microbial degradation of materials as well as the spread of undesirable bacteria.”

Persistent Surface Disinfectant

Safe for non-porous surfaces such as bathtubs, door knobs, faucets, garbage cans, countertops, microwaves, refrigerators, sinks, toilets, glazed tile, and vinyl.